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February 17, 2023
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(From the Parochial Vicar)

People are oftentimes afraid, embarrassed, or even confused about how to go to Confession, especially in how to make a good Confession. Fortunately it is not as difficult as people think. The faithful, that means all the baptized, are required to confess any mortal sins before they can receive Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist. They may also confess venial sins, as it is beneficial to bring all of our sins to the Lord, but it is not strictly necessary for the reception of Holy Communion.

Before going to Confession, spend time making an examination of conscience. Reflect upon the past day, week, or even month, and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the ways in which you have fallen short in loving God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. Any transgressions here are sins against God, and if serious, meaning direct violations of the first three Commandments, then they need to be brought to the Confessional. Then ask the Holy Spirit to show you if you have failed to love your neighbor as God teaches us to. Reflect on the second tablet of the commandments, Commandments 4-10, and ask yourself have I failed to keep any of these in thought, word, or deed. If it was a serious fall, then bring it to God's mercy in the Confessional before going to Holy Communion. If it was a minor fall, please make a good act of contrition.

Now how much information does the penitent need to give in the confessional? The answer is not much. The Church teaches that we are to confess our sins by "kind" and "number." This means that lengthy explanations are not needed. If the priest has a question in order to have greater clarification, he will ask. Every sin is a violation of one of the Ten Commandments, therefore, to confess your sins by kind is to say which commandment you failed to keep, and how many times you failed to keep it. For example, if you used the name of God disrespectfully on three occasions, you do not need to tell the priest what you said and the circumstances around it, but simply, “I broke the Second Commandment three times". It is that simple. The confessional is not a place for lengthy conversations. If you need to have such a conversation with a priest, then schedule an appointment so that you can receive the attention and time you deserve.

Frequenting the Sacrament of Reconciliation often also helps us to make a better and more thorough confession. Think of it as a bath for the soul by which the filth of sin is washed away, whether it is a little or a great amount. The faithful are required to go to Confession once a year before or during the Easter season, as they are only required to receive Holy Communion once every Easter season. I highly recommend going to confession once a month. Any period of time longer than that, and you will struggle with remembering your sins. Also, if you have nothing to confess, do not go to the Confessional simply to receive a blessing. I do not know where that custom began, but Jesus is the one who says, "he who says he is without sin is a liar," so do not come to the confessional unless you need to go to confession. If you desire a blessing, ask the priest for a specific blessing after Mass, or better, receive the blessing from attending Mass that the priest imparts on everyone at the dismissal.

After the penitent confesses their sins, the priest will give advice/counsel if the Holy Spirit moves him to, a penance will be given, then the penitent makes an Act of Contrition, followed by the priest granting absolution which removes all confessed grave sins from your soul and all venial sins. Once absolution is given, the seal of the confessional is complete, and the priest may never speak or act on what he has heard under penalty of excommunication. This is the beauty and simplicity of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Be not afraid to approach God's abundant mercy, for His mercy is an instrument of receiving His healing love.

May God bless you always!

Fr. Barrent

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