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January 27, 2023
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Dear Friends,

In my work in recruiting for priestly vocations I get the chance to travel to the different parishes of our diocese. This past weekend, both Fr. Barrent and I were able to help cover the Masses at St. Patrick's in Northfield - yes, that is a hike! But it is worth the drive so that the souls there could have Mass and encounter the Lord in the Holy Eucharist.

In fact, this is what I spoke about - the encounter with the Lord. It was in that singular, profound and powerful encounter with Jesus when the Apostles discovered their destiny. This was not a fortuitous meeting. Jesus was looking for them. And in that deeply personal moment they saw who they could become in Him.

Sometimes I think that my job is much like Jesus walking along the shore of the Sea of Galilee. I like to think that I am helping Him in His search for the next generation of priests. I don't know who they are, of course, only He does. That does not mean that my role is any less significant. It is with that in mind, that I want to let you all know that from time to time I will be away from the parish on weekends in order to preach on vocations at our parishes. In fact, the weekend of February 4-5 I will be covering the Masses at St. Anthony Parish in Chicopee. This is part of my role in the vocations office and I just did not want anyone to think that I was neglecting my duties here at the parish. While we do have 2 seminarians and 2 more in application, there is still so much more work to be done. Your prayers for vocations are needed and necessary.
Prayer of John Paul II for Vocations

Lord Jesus, as You once called the first disciples
to make them fishers of men,
let your sweet invitation continue to resound:
Come follow Me!

Give young men and women
the grace of responding quickly to your voice.
Support our bishops, priests
and consecrated people in their apostolic labor.
Grant perseverance to our seminarians
and to all those who are
carrying out the ideal of a life
totally consecrated to your service.

Awaken in our community a missionary eagerness.
and do not allow humanity to be lost
for the lack of pastors, missionaries
and people dedicated to the cause of the Gospel.

Mary, Mother of the Church,
the model of every vocation,
help us to say “yes” to the Lord
who calls us to cooperate in the
divine plan of salvation.

Fr. Jon

News & Events

Please watch here for news and events, and join us for good Catholic community!

No Greater Love: A movie on the life and legacy of St. Mother Theresa of Calcutta

Join us on January 29 at 2pm at Holy Name in the social center.

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February 2nd is the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord

If anyone has candles that will be used for prayers and devotions in your home, please bring them to the rectory during the week. All candles will be blessed on Thursday February 2nd at the morning Mass.

Eucharistic Congress

Mark your calendars for March 4, 2023 for the first ever Eucharistic Congress! Registration is now open. There is more information in the bulletin and on our website. Go to catholiclifeconference.org to register.

A Eucharistic Holy Hour for Vocations

will be held on Tuesday February 21, 2023 from 5pm-6pm in the church. All are welcome to come and pray for vocations.

Friday February 3rd is the Feast of St. Blaise

We will offer the traditional blessing of throats on this day following the morning Mass.

Tax letters

are available for those who need a record of their donations for 2022. Please call the rectory office.
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