The Diocese of Springfield Office of Counseling, Prevention and Victim Services was established to fulfill the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ commitment to the victims, survivors and family members of those who have suffered from sexual abuse by clergy or anyone working for the Catholic Church. Our promise to protect, pledge, and heal includes measures to ensure accountability, promote healing and reconciliation, and prevent future acts of abuse. Massachusetts State law requires that abuse and/or neglect of a minor must be reported to the Massachusetts Department of Social Services (800-792-5200) or through the local police department. For further information, please call the Diocesan Office of Counseling, Prevention and Victim Services (413-452-0624) or the toll-free hotline (800-842-9055). Additional resources about abuse prevention and support for victims of abuse are available at


State law and the Diocese of Springfield mandates that CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) checks are implemented for all employees and volunteers who provide services to children, the elderly or disabled persons. The current process for CORI requires completing an online training program (Virtus) which now includes the Diocesan Code of Conduct, and completing a CORI Form which requires submitting a copy of a government issued ID (i.e. driver’s license). If you are currently volunteering in the parish or are a member of a parish organization that provides services to children, the elderly or disabled persons, you must fulfill these requirements.

If you are currently working with these populations (children, elderly or disabled) and have not been CORI’d, please contact the rectory at 733-5823 this week.