Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

A trait of home mission dioceses is that many have a small Catholic population dispersed over a vast territory. The Melkite Eparchy of Newton, with about 35,000 members, covers the entire United States. Melkite Catholics are members of one of the Eastern Catholic Churches, with their own cultural and liturgical traditions in full communion with the Holy Father and Catholics from the Latin Rite. The nationwide reach of the eparchy means that its parishes and administrative offices are found in locations all around the country. Communications through the internet and the diocesan quarterly magazine are crucial ministries that keep members in touch with each other and their bishop despite the challenge of geographic distance.

With generous support from Catholic Home Missions, the eparchy’s Sophia Press distributes its quarterly magazine to 12,000 members. It publishes liturgical books that the faithful need to participate fully in the liturgy. The eparchy’s Office of Communication also maintains the eparchy’s website and conducts the Annual Bishop’s Appeal. When you contribute to the Catholic Home Missions Appeal, you provide a lifeline that allows members of mission dioceses to remain in contact with each other, even if they live across the country.

Your support of this appeal makes a difference in the lives of our brothers and sisters right here in the United States. Please be generous to this appeal through the collection offertory envelope or your parish’s e-offertory platform. To learn more about the appeal and those who benefit from it, visit  Thank you for strengthening the Church at home.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Rev. William D. Byrne, Bishop of Springfield