Dear Friends,

I thought I would take this opportunity to give some updates on the parish since my arrival here. 

– A big change has been with banks. The parish is now banking with Berkshire Bank rather than TD Bank. 

– It has been a blessing to be able to meet with both parish and finance councils to discuss our parish and the things we want to accomplish together. First and foremost – repairs and clean up. We are working with the diocese on replacing both the church and rectory roofs as well as the air conditioning system – a total upgrade from pneumatics to electronic. We also discussed bringing back ushers and passing the basket during Mass, rather than using the drop boxes. I think this is a good idea and will ask for volunteers soon so that we can begin in September. During that time I also want to recruit more lectors and altar servers. I also want to meet with all those who bring Holy Communion to the homebound and those who wish to begin this important ministry. For now, Ministers of Holy Communion, during Mass, is on hold. Rectory improvements are also forthcoming with some much needed updates to some rooms – painting and flooring. 

– A parish wide clean up, mentioned briefly above, is a huge undertaking. There is so much clutter in the church, rectory and social center. We have a dumpster coming on Monday August 1st. On Saturday August 6th, we will host a parish-wide clean up day. Please come and help us get things cleaned and organized… should you see anything of value or that you want to take home – it’s all yours!! I doubt we will get to everything… but it will be a good start!

– I’m sure some of you have heard the changes regarding eulogies. This comes from the Bishop and his council of priests. If there is a eulogy, it is to be given before a funeral Mass begins and is only permitted for 2-4 minutes. The reason for this change is simply due to the fact that many eulogies go on for too long and many are inappropriate. An appropriate short reflection on the deceased’s life, that respects everyone’s time, is a win-win. This does not mean that one must have a eulogy but if there is to be one, we have a protocol in place. 

– There is a new Facebook page for Holy Name Parish. If you’re on Facebook, please “like” the page. We are also working to improve the website. 

– Safe Environment … All our parish volunteers who work directly with minors MUST complete safe environment training. Information regarding this was posted in the bulletin a few weeks ago. Everyone must be recertified by October 31, 2022 – including clergy and staff. Please call the office for more information.

All things considered, we are moving in a direction that will hopefully bring back some life to the parish. I’m excited for what lies ahead. 

God bless you!!